Full Version: Bug Reports **READ BEFORE POSTING**
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This is a note to remind everyone how we'd like to handle bugs.

First off, if you're unsure about how to describe the bug, or are having trouble running the game altogether, it's likely a better idea for you to post in the Help forum first. If it turns out your problem really was a bug, an admin will move the thread here.

If you think you've found a bug here's a few things you can do to help the developers fix it:
  • Make sure you've got the latest version of VDrift.
  • Make sure you've got the latest drivers installed for your video card.
  • Find a way to reproduce the problem, if you can.
  • Search this forum to see if that bug has already been reported for the latest version.
  • If it hasn't, post about it here. Give as many details about how to reproduce it as possible.
  • Always include details about your hardware, operating system and library versions.
  • Try to provide us with as much information as you can, even if you think we might not need to know it. This will help us reproduce and fix the problem faster.
Thanks in advance for your help.

edit 2007/04/19: There are some problems that need to be addressed with the way people post bugs and ask for I'm adding this to the introductory thread to the Bugs and Help forums.
  • Search the forums for topics already containing your problem. At least read through the most recent Help and Bugs posts to make sure this isn't already being discussed. If it's a big problem, likelihood is that there's a topic about on the front page of the site.
  • Please put a meaningful title on your thread. "Please help me" or "problem with game" do not tell us anything at all. You need not say that there's a problem, after all this is the Bugs forum. Here are examples of good topics: "Car won't shift gears", "lap is not triggered", "AI car turns wrong way", "HUD is not drawn". These topics are all short, but tell us what the topic is about before we read it. It is also much easier to search through topics when they have good titles.
  • Make sure to provide every bit of information that you know. This helps us tell where the problem lies, really. We can't help at all, or begin to debug a problem, until we know where it is. There are many more things that cause problems besides the game code, so it is imperative you don't forget this. Problems can be caused by hardware (including CPU, memory, video card, sound card, video memory), operating system, drivers (for video and sound, mainly), or the libraries used on your system (this mainly only applies to Linux and FreeBSD).
  • Check back regularly after reporting a problem. We may have questions for you or possible solutions, as well as tests we may need you to run so we can discover more about how the game runs on your system. Try to respond as quickly as possible, and we'll do the same. Smile
  • Use your very best English. It's the only language we all understand. To those of you who are not native English speakers, we will do our very best to understand you. To those of you who are native English speakers, we should not have to spend extra time trying to decipher your post, because you are too lazy to spell correctly and use correct grammar and punctuation. Write your very best and we will have a lot easier time understanding your problem. These things are sometimes hard to describe. Take your time and write as much as you need to tell us about your problem. We understand if you make a few mistakes, but please do your best.
  • If you can, include a screenshot of your problem. We provide space in our gallery where you can upload your shots. Click here to sign up for your own gallery.

The problem is that more often that not, we get posts like this:

no information Wrote:Topic: HELP OH NO!!!!!1!
when i start up the game it shows some stuff and then goes away what do i do how do u fix it

This is totally useless, there is no information in this post at all. We can't help this person without wasting a lot of our time asking him for more information that could have been provided from the start.

Here's a much better example:
much information Wrote:Topic: Crash in latest Windows release
Hi, I downloaded the full version of VDrift for Windows (version 2007-03-23) and it crashes whenever I try to start a new game. The menus all function correctly. My system is Windows XP SP2, P4 2 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM and GeForce 5600 video card with nVidia drivers

This one is short and to the point. It provides all the information available to know about the problem. Now the developers can ask more specific questions to see just what the problem is.

Thanks for reading this...