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is almost done. Here's the latest screenshots:rear endnow for that interior.,,
Looking good!
Alright, I made a simple interior and sent the S2000 and all its related data to's to hoping it's in the next release! Smile
New screenshotsanother front shotyou can see the roll bars in these. The interior code is not in yet but I made the interior part of the body temporarily...
Ooh, sweet headlights. Do you mind if I retouch the texture for the body a bit to add some shading?Also, I'll make another pass on the shading (you know, smooth/solid) in blender (unless you were going to).
Sure, go ahead. I just sent you an email with a the textures you need...go to town on the blend file, there are even a few places where the nodes could be smoother (it looks like a dent); I hope to fix most of that by the next version.
Just about everything has changed on this car in the last few days...many of the car's weight, power, and other parameters were changed, and I realized it was too big, so I resized it. After that the wheels were too big so I decided to go ahead and make some proper sized wheels for the car. I also tweaked a number of other things including the transmission, brake radius, maximum wheel angle, ride height and so much more it's too much to list. Here's the latest screenshots.going fastThe car should finally be released with the next version of VDrift, which should be released very very soon.
Now that it's in the game, what does everyone think of it? See any problems with the model or does it seem to drive funny at all? I will continue refining this car as I have time. Toby (Nexus6), I think you might appreciate the fact that it can go round the chicane (the right way!) in fourth gear. Smile
nice model and really fun to drive ! which one will win multiplayer races between the two cars ? Big Grin
[quote BY=[The_Real_Neo]] which one will win multiplayer races between the two cars ?[/quote]Oooh, hard to this point I'm going to say the Mustang because I can still get better times in it. However on a smaller course where there are more turns, the S2000's better handling gives it a huge advantage. Also on this course the car's 6th gear goes completely on really long straights it might have an advantage, as its top speed might be a little higher than the stang.
This car is great!!! I'm enjoing very much drive it. Thank Chris for this car.There is only a possible bug in car setting. If I brake and I accelerate contemporaryin first gear the car accelerate. It's right or wrong setting?However it's a beautifull car!!!
I'm glad you like it! I'm not quite sure I know what you mean - are you saying that using the gas and brake at the same time still allows the car to move? That's likely since when first released its brakes were a little weak. Try the latest code in the subversion repository and tell me if it still does it.
Forget my last post. After other test it reveal it's my fault.The car break when gas button is pressed and then I press break without realase gas buttonSorryGianni
That's OK. Smile Last night I made another commit fixing a bunch of weight, wheel and suspension issues...unfortunately somehow I committed them as joe. Oops! I can't figure out how to fix that. Oh well.I'm still working on this car - it needs some serious help with...something. It understeers really bad; any rear wheel drive car should oversteer if anything (though the S2000 is known for its near perfect balance and razor sharp turnability and shouldn't oversteer much). I've been working on it and I think I've improved it by fixing some problems with where weights were located. Many were outside the car...also the engine wasn't really in the right spot, and I don't think it was the right weight either.I need to total up the weight again and make sure it's right, then figure out the weight distribution (it should be 49/51 front/rear). I also need to change the rear wheels - they should be slightly larger and wider with lower profile tires, and thus a little stickier.
FYI, sticker rear tires will result in more understeer!I think the main reason for the understeer problem is just that if you turn the wheel too far in any car you get crazy dynamic understeer because you've turned the tires into rubber skid pads, and that's just how it is unless we edit the tire friction coefficients to be much more forgiving... but I dunno.Also, some advice:The contact points should be at the corners of the car, because they're used for calculation of collisions. You might want to make their mass 1, though, and then use the particles to lay out the weight distribution more evenly throughout the car, because having all of the weight of the car distributed in four corners isn't very realistic.
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