Full Version: An easy way to improve Force Feedback
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This weekend I enjoyed with the last master version of Vdrift. I was driving the Porsche 911 GT3 (CT) in a few circuits. If you want, you can see it here:

For my driving games I use a Logitech G29 Wheel in a Ubuntu 18.04 distro. I would like to thank the developers for include Force Feedback support, but I feel it a bit incomplete. Normally to improve it I set in game the gain to 300% and with an external application, Oversteer or PyLinuxWheel, set degrees to 360º  and autocenter strenght to 50%. Autocenter makes the feeling of drive more real and precise.
I don't know if adding autocentre to the Force Feedback effects of Vdrift, without using external applications would be very difficult, but it really would be a good addition.

Greetings and thanks for all of your efforts.
There is a bit that is missing in FF which should make a noticeable difference.

My rough guess is that torque due to caster should be about twice as strong (depends on caster angle, wheel radius) as tire aligning toque that is currently used to calculate FF.
The way to calculate Force Feedback is sure to be very complex for my simple mind (I'm only a user). In my case, as you could read in the first post I only add a constant autocenter force of to the existing effects to improve the sensations. I believe that while devs improve the actual force feedback, autocenter can be an alternative "emergency" solution, and better if it doesn't need an external app
I don't know if this video would be useful for devs, but I just foud it and I think is very interesting: