Full Version: I'll Help
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Hey Guys. Im new to Vdrift and was wondering if i could get involved in the devolpment of this project? Maybe do some gameplay testing or something. I have a 1.42 ghz,Os x Tiger, 512mb of ram, Mac Mini G4. Also a 3 year old Imac, 800mhz powerpc G4, running osx panther. 512 mb of ram. So anyways, hope to help with devolpment. Pretty new at designing games but I know a few things...I guess. Hope to help! Seems Like fun!
We'd love to have some extra help! The first step is to download and compile the development version of the game. See the FAQ's on building on OS X and downloading from SVN. If you have any questions please ask Smile
Ill try and start working. Thanks.