Full Version: Is it possible to increase the viewing distance more?
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I set to maximum the distance of view in game, but I think that is not enough. In some tracks is possble to see how the scenario is drawn at short distance. You can see it here in Monaco:

I see the same problem in other tracks like Interlagos, where it's tremendously evident. Is there any way to increase that distance?

In another term, as you can see there is a problem when you reach the tunnel, the entrance has a "grey wall".
You can change view distance in game display settings.

You can also tweak the value directly in data/settings/options.config file. The option is [display.view_distance].

The default should probably be increased. It does not matter nowadays as much as it did a decade ago.
I changed the view distance on game settings, but with the same result. I was using the Nightly Build version "vdrift-2015-11-28.7z" from

A moment ago I just tested with the newest version from Github and now everything seems to be fine. I'll probably play it a little more tonight to see that everything is right.