Full Version: Vanishing Point Detection in VDrift
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Hi everyone,

in the context of automated driving, we're experimenting with VDrift as an environment for creating test data. We have established a binding between VDrift an out middleware and currently are investigating to exttract vanishing points from VDrift recordings. This is challenging as, from the required perspective, on racing tracks - and in contrast to highways or cities - usually only a single lane marking is visible.

[Image: intro5.gif]

Do you know, whether there is something in the VDrift API or track information that could help computing vanishing points? Easiest could maybe to calculate something based on track data (which, however, would not take perspective into account).


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You could abuse the racing line as an additional visual cue. If you disable racing line calculation in track loader the default racing line will be the road center I think.

Car AI also had some debugging code that would draw road patch outlines ahead of the car. I am not sure if it is still working though.

The track itself is defined is a list of roadstrips. A strip is a list of (bezier) patches.
Hi NaN,

thanks for the hint. With the racing line, we probably can use established vanishing point detection methods. Although we had to do horrible things to the tracks' textures Wink

[Image: allblack.png]

Could you please point me to the track loader. I couldn't find anything in forum or wiki by this name.

With track loader I meant src/trackloader.cpp.

Look for Track::Loader::CreateRacingLines().