Full Version: Ring2007: do not use "racing" tyres
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Imho, Ring2007 is by far the best track available in VDrift. It is a very detailed rendition of the Nürburgring Nordschleife, converted from rFactor by alex25.

There is nothing that good at Racer and it is simply not possible to recreate a proper Karrussell in the track format used by Torcs and Speed Dreams, with a constant width.

However, your driving pleasure will be greatly diminished if you mount tyres of the "racing" type. For some reason, these interact very abruptly with some kerbs and even with the (visually flat) cobblestones in the left at the Stefan Bellof S.

The solution is very simple: use "sports" or "touring" tyres and these interactions no longer occur.
Older builds using bullet 2.8.2 have a bug in the radian to degree conversion of camber angle. But that would affect all tires.
After some more testing, I've discovered that "touring" tyres are also affected, only less than "racing" tyres... except on certain corners, like the cobblestones at the slight left kink immediately following Adenauer Forst, on the way to Metzgesfeld, were the effect is quite strong. So it is definitely dependent on how the specific features of the track have been defined at each point. A more sober analisys of Ring2007 should have acknolewdged these and other weaknesses, like the "hole" before the entry to the boxes at Hohenrain that eats some cars. Others got eaten at the Karrussell.

Now, with "sports" tyres, there is no hit whatsoever when stepping on cobblestones (which is to be expected) or kerbs (which maybe less so). But, still, the reaction with the other types of tyres is clearly excessive and looks and feels unnatural and wrong. In conclusion, my advice would be to always use "sports" tyres in order to best enjoy the Nordschleife.