Full Version: SVN download for vdrift-data (tracks&cars) not working at SourceForge?
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When trying "Download Snapshot" for the two folders I want (nuerburgring_nordschleife and ring2007) I end up getting "We're having trouble finding that snapshot. Would you like to resubmit?", which of course I do, to no avail. By the way, I am using Debian, but I don't think this matters here.
Am I missing something, or is it just a problem with SourceForge?
As a temporary solution, if anyone who has these tracks is so kind as to uploading them somewhere and posting the link here, I'll be most thankful.
Debian probably is not the factor that causes your problem, but it is your savior in your situation. Just follow these steps.

1. Install the subversion package.
# apt-get install subversion

2. Open a terminal client. CTRL+ALT+T should work.

3. Navigate into your vdrift/tracks. If you have installed vdrift through apt-get your vdrift folder is ~/.vdrift. It however might not have a tracks/ folder. If this is the case, run
$ mkdir tracks

4. Download the tracks using subversion (svn):
$ svn co
$ svn co

5. Start the game. Now the tracks should be there.

You could also download the whole tracks folder with
$ svn co

If there are any problems with these commands, please ask for help. I have not tested these instructions on debian, although I have done something similiar with my arch system.
Worked like a charm, thank you!