Full Version: Engine max power
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max-power = 1.79e5
displacement = 2.0E-3

can someone tell me how this is calculated so i could put some good values for drifting cars?
max-power = 1.79e5 # 179 kW or 240 hp

The max-power parameter is not used by the simulation, only used in the specs display, should be calculated from torque.
For more power you will want to modify the torque-curve (rpm, Nm):
torque-curve-08 = 4200, 221

To get 30% more power, scale the second value of all torque points by 1.30:
torque-curve-08 = 4200, 287 # 221 * 1.3

displacement = 2.0E-3 # 2 liter engine

Displacement is only used to calculate engine friction, affects how torque drops when not at full throttle. Probably best to leave it as is, use real world values.

The most simple way to play with drifting is probably to modify the track friction (simulate wet surface) in track surfaces.txt, modify:
FrictionNonTread = 0.5
FrictionTread = 0.3

It is not exactly how a wet surface would feel like, but you should slide a lot more.

max-power is also used to calculate top speed, select speedometer