Full Version: Cars from Stunt Rally
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OK I started with XZ, export seems working.
Was really fast to do. Some preview:
Didn't try wheels yet. Hope you like it / are interested.

I got blender 2.70, latest is 2.75. Scripts are for 2.6, is that okay or do they need to be updated?

Currently IDK why it doesn't get colored in game, is just white.
I see some odd info in wiki, like textures need to be 512, this has 1024 and it works.
And what range for triangle count is good. Seriously not 3500 as on wiki Undecided (that's for 1 wheel not whole car)

I'm gonna need some help since the .car format I know is from 2010.
And I don't know how to position wheels, and hinge. BTW do the caster, toe, etc params work?

Also, what is the approach. Do I need to position model with center in center of mass? I.e. is adjusting COM only done this way?
What do you suggest? Getting a .car file closest to this, and fixing some params?
I doubt we can get all real values anyway. I tried recently for Y7 but the stuff that's nowhere to find is e.g. tire rolling resistance, drag and downforce etc.

More info on SR cars at:
And on this model:

PS. Tag buttons just input [unidentified=unidentified]. Huh
Sorry for the late reply, busy weekend...

The wiki is somewhat outdated in some areas. It is on my todo list.

See the limits more as guidelines than anything else. Car center of mass is defined by the masses in the car config file in car coordinate system. Using a car file from master as template is probably best.

Feel free to upload what you have got.
Ok here it is:
I think I won't do more now. There are textures and blend file.

Originals (.blend) are here, have also wheel .blend there if you wan't it.
And textures from here (could be in blend but those were final for our model, body has baked AO, somewhat edited after)

Car blend file in archive didn't change much from original, just rotated 90 deg about up Z axis and moved around then applied rotation and translation.
I did it for for quick test only, settings are garbage.
Thanks, I'll have a look.