Full Version: VDrift 2015-07-29 test build
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The archive contains source code, data and Windows 7 64bit binaries.

On Linux unpack and run scons to build the binary (make sure you've got the dependencies installed, see docs/wiki)
Right. Works.
Couple of things that I noticed.
Nice Gui. I'd even set the Gauges as default, work fine so why not.

There is a menu skin: neo, but it's not finished I see lots of weird strings on in game Hud. Maybe it's best to hide it.
Also Gui Race menu stays while already in game.

Next. I think brakes are too strong, like 2x at least. And ABS doesn't work much. TCS is sometimes bad too.
Also handbrake is very week. Seems okay on F1 but rest cars probably random.
Are those also the reasons AI cars can't drive now? Mostly just bump into walls. Or maybe it's their tiny turning circle and inability to use reverse gear.

Does the time display really need 3 digits (to 1/1000) seconds?

I drove few times F1, seems cool. But 3 times already got front wheel stuck into some wall along road. Can't do anything in this case, recover doesn't work. Must restart.

Are the GAS and NOS on Hud used? Does gas refill in pit? I'd just hide them.
Also ABS, TCS show when they work but don't show if they are enabled or not. I did bind keys to toggle them in game.

Imo would be better to show not "You lost". but e.g. "Finished. Position: 3" or something.

Update works. But Gui is bad. When starting it is darker than normal, black background. And on each file downloaded (many times) it shows black screen with default progress bar. And switches so on each file. Bit annoying. I think there was a nicer version with progress always there and at least info like e.g.: Downloading file: 12/44.

Did anything change in culling faces? Only half of trees triangles show on dirt3.

La conca track doesn't have trackline, AI goes straight into first wall and stays there, also timing lap does work.
With this archive, Update tracks shows me that I have some already. But I don't and Download doesn't work. How to fix it? Some old update info saved somewhere?
After downloading cars or tracks, new ones don't appear in lists, restart game is needed.

Can you tell what is the difference between tires? I don't know neither by the name in Gui and I can't see much difference when driving.
And what's the difference and why 3 versions of LE car.

Anyways, is the game meant to play with steering wheel? It's quite hard to control F1 and 360 with keyboard, even on a straight road. And I have TCS, ABS and long control delay.
The slower cars are okay.

Just a wild feature idea: wet track condition? So that cars could slide easily and oversteer when turning. I find the tires quite stiff and not much fun, huge grip and when traction is lost, car just spins out and that was it.
PS. I liked sourceforge a lot more than this crappy file host. Hope it's back soon.
PS2. Hope it's not too much text at once.
Thanks a lot for testing CrystalH, it is really appreciated.

The "neo" skin was not supposed to be there, just copied my working set and forgot to remove it. :p

The brakes are set to somewhat match real world values, 30 - 40 m stopping distance from 100 km/h. I haven't looked into the handbrake situation, probably just need to yank up the handbrake factor well over 1.0.

The tires offer increasing grip, probably not really noticeable with keyboard.

The three LEs are different versions, different engine/transmission.

Keyboard driving is a pain, I know. Not sure about the best way to approach it... adding driving aids, AI assistance?

AI needs "adjustments". I'd like to rewrite the code first to allow easier testing, be able to run AI only, run sim separate from graphics (faster than realtime). But that is a lot of work.

The update functionality is something I should check more often I guess, kind of a pita area. For the test build make sure to clear the stuff (tracks, cars) in your user folder C:\Users\"username"\AppData\Roaming\VDrift
posted to reveal the download link
The archive seems corrupted...
I'll upload a new test build.