Full Version: Car selection preview thumbs
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Cropped screenshots running gl3 renderer, with a custom pure grey showroom.

Needs a bit work on the layout, the gaps between thumbs are too large...

[Image: FK3JlYt.jpg]

[Image: R9e3Uck.jpg]
Nice, looking good Smile
I've pushed what I've got so far into master for people to play around. Will be working on the layout a bit.

I am also thinking about replacing current garage/showroom with the grey one, need to see how it looks with shadows disabled though.
Cool. Looks great already.
May I suggest adding just 1 line under each car with value of e.g. acceleration time 0-100 km/h (from perf. test).
Or engine power (bhp), something giving good info on how fast/slow a car is.
Maybe even a small area showing more car stats text when you click on image.