Full Version: Should this site stay on SF servers?
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I run a web server on my home DSL with many Geeklog sites similar to this one. On my most complicated sites page render time is something like 0.3 seconds where here it is 2 seconds at best for simple pages, or 5 to 6 seconds during heavy traffic times. Using the site is almost painfully slow...while I only get about 40 KB/sec max upload from here to most places, that is really all I ever get from the SF servers anyway, and the page render time is so much might be worth thinking about moving the site somewhere else, maybe not necessarily to my server (do you run a web server?) but I also have a server running on the university network which is not only faster than my server but uses their bandwidth, which is like a T3 or something. It's CLUG's server...anyway that's another option. The only thing is we don't have control over the DNS name so we can't just point it at a different server, we'd have to get a new domain name and redirect this one to it (either buy one or set up a subdomain somewhere). A quick check reveals is available...Either way I think the server will do for now, but I have a feeling if this site gets used much we're going to be wanting to move pretty soon.
Earlier while someone else was signed on to the site I got this:Warning: mysql_connect(): Too many connections in /home/groups/v/vd/vdrift/geeklog/system/databases/mysql.class.php on line 112Cannnot connect to DB serverI guess SF is limiting our DB connections...yet another reason to consider moving the site as it grows...
If we could get hosted by that CLUG server, that would be awesome. Getting a domain name is no problem. I could buy one, use, or I think SF lets you change the IP assignment of, now, too.Home hosting probably won't work that well... I run a website, but I have it choked down to 10k/s upload, and that's just no good.
Alright, I'll work on moving it to the CLUG server sometime this weekend. I actually built this server and it's about to go down for maintenance (OS upgrade)'s the most server the $500 our advisor gave us last fall would buy - a 2GHz Athlon with 1 GB ram. It renders our geeklog sites in under half a second every time, so this site should be quite a lot faster than it is right now.As for a domain name, it's up to you. I would prefer because it's shorter and/or since it's established. Of course if you get, can be redirected there or something. I recommend GoDaddy for domains, as well as their private registration thing to keep your personal info out of the whois database...
Sounds good, I'll look into getting the domain.