Full Version: VDrift's cars and tracks
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This forum will be dedicated to the discussion of the game's two largest and most complex data groups. Post here if you would like to:
  • Discuss a car or track already in the game
  • Suggest a new car or track for the game
  • Discuss development of a new car or track
  • Provide links to things which could be used to make new VDrift cars or tracks. This might include, but of course isn't limited to:
    • Freely licensed models & textures of cars or tracks from other sources (other games, your own creations, etc.)
    • Accurate performance and other property measurements for cars
    • Car & track photos for comparison
    • Elevation maps and satellite photos of tracks
    • Blueprints of cars or maps of tracks
    • Audio samples which can be used for cars (engine, tires, transmission, exhaust, etc.)
Please do not post here things like bugs related to car physics, or feature requests for changed car or track systems. All bugs should go in the Bugs forum and all feature requests should go in the Feature Requests forum.

Let's discuss only one car or only one track per thread. A single car or track could have multiple threads, though, I suppose.