Full Version: Datadir wrong in config file
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Hi, when I installed Vdrift into different location than default by passing these parameters to 'scons' and 'scons install':bin=/opt/vdrift/bin prefix=/opt/vdrift I was unable to run the game, because the data_dir in config file was still set to '/usr/share/games/vdrift'. It seems the game does not set the correct path when it creates a new config file.I got vdrift-2006-02-21-src+data compiled under Debian Sarge.
Hi and welcome!There is an option in the program to change its own data directory. Just run<pre>vdrift -datadir /opt/vdrift</pre>this should work. Alternately you can just change the config file by hand in ~/.vdrift/VDrift.config (you probably already figured this out). The code that handles that kind of stuff is kind of a hack, so we plan on rewriting it soon. Also I've been looking for a way to have the VDrift.config be altered at install time, but haven't found a good solution yet. If you have any ideas, let me know SmileBy the way, once you specify options to scons, you shouldn't have to specify them again when you run scons install - our build setup should save your options between runs of scons in the file vdrift.conf (in the directory where you built VDrift).
Hello, I am a Win-User and have some problems with the installation of vDrift.
I downloaded: vdrift-setup2006-02-21.exe

The first prob was:
In the "VDrift.config" were this:
[ main ]
data_dir = /usr/share/games/vdrift <- Win has no such folder
version = 2005-02-20 <- false version

the second prob was bigger.
all SubFolders of Data (like carparts, cars, lists, etc.) were not in the Data folder.
When I started vDrift it can't start and hang up itself.

The look of my InstallFolder:

But now, after i copied every folder to data, vDrift works

[And now for someone who understand german, because i think my english is baaaaaad Wink]
Also das zweite Problem war, das gar kein Data Ordner existierte und alle Ordner aus Data einfach nur im Installationsordner waren.
Nachdem ich eine alte Installation angeschaut hatte, sah ich wo die Ordner eigentlich sein müssten und kopierte die dann dorthin und jetzt scheint vDrift ordnungsgemäß zu funktionieren.
@ActionLuzifer thx fore that info, im able to test Vdrift on my WinXP now :lol:

The Windows installer needs an update :wink:

People that have troubles with the windows installer. How are yoy trying to install? as admin or as a normal user?
EDIT: maybe you are installing over a older installed version?
I tried to install it as an admin and it was the first time I installed vDrift.
PS: i have WinXP
I think I found the error, it should be fixed in the next version
Ah, that sounds great.