Full Version: Making tire, rim, brake disk meshes explicit
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The idea is to make it easier to understand and modify car config files

Currently tire, wheel and brake meshes are optional parameters, making it not obvious when they are generated and how they look (are scaled).

I plan to change this to:
texture = rotor_shiny_slotted_drilled.png
mesh = disk: 230 9        # diameter: 230mm, thickness: 9mm

texture = tire/touring.png
mesh = tire: 275 40 18    # width: 275mm, height/width: 40%, diameter: 18in

texture = wheel/pentagonal_hub.png
mesh = rim: 275 40 18 wheel/pentagonal_hub.joe

No implicit meshes or scaling. So only when the game sees a disk/tire/rim: entry it would generate the required mesh.