Full Version: Integrate docs(wiki) into source repo
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Anyone interested in this?

The motivation is to make it easier to keep the docs in sync with a release and project changes in general, be able to include docs into release builds.

From what I see it should also be possible to view the docs directly on github when sticking with Markdown(.md) file format (need to test this), replace current wiki.

The task would be to add a docs dir and copy wiki page sources into it, fix up relative links where required.
Wiki content has been integrated in the docs branch, and is browsable online.

Have a look here (scroll down to the Getting started section):

visible link:

It still needs some work, checking and fixing outdated information and broken links. Any help would be most welcome.
Docs branch has been merged into master.

I've fixed the majority of the broken links I think. Now it is about updating outdated content, will be working on it as time permits. Wink
we'd better have any eyecandies and/or awesome physics, IMHO. And population of gamers/coders/artists will grow, weeeeeee. Smile

Anyway, actual wiki is an awesome thing.
Right, cool.
How about switching the Wiki link to that new wiki then?
Coz it's broken and now people might not find it.

And BTW, wasn't there a 2014 release? Front page still says 2012 was last.
This one says you're discontinued:
Sorry for making such noise.