Full Version: VDrift 2014-10-20 release
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Linux (tarball):

Windows (64bit):

Mac OS X:

This is mostly another bug fix release, addressing some bugs reported and identified recently: multiple input devices handling, force feedback scaling, OpenGL 2 backend fixes.

The Mac version is built for 10.5 "Leopard" or higher but is only tested on 10.7 "Lion" and higher. 10.4 "Tiger" is no longer supported.
To transfer settings, lap records, replays and screenshots from the last release (2012-07-22):
* Open Finder
* Select 'Go' in the menu bar
* Hold Option (alt/⌥)
* Select 'Library'
I have uploaded a version without data included to in case that is useful for anyone. A folder named "data" should be placed in either the same location as the application, or in "" (right click on the application and select 'Show Package Contents).
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