Full Version: Better car engine sounds
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I have tried to make some good sounds using the two methods used for car engines(one with a single engine sound and the one with multiple sounds for engine)The method with .AUG file (more engine sounds ) does not seem to work.the game crashes bacause did not find engine.wav

i would like to propose implementation of FMOD witch can make Vdrift sound so much better and so much easier to work with sounds.

Here is a demo for an engine sound
Nice tutorial video. I think that method is quite standard, having few rpm sounds and blending them.

So where did you get the car engine sounds from ? Did you maybe record them (made them yourself) or did you find any with CC-BY licenses ? Only such could be included in game.
As for FMOD heh that is a propertiary library, surely won't be used in a free libre open source project.
I think I've seen the code for blending few rpm sounds in sources somewhere. Even if not, it's not very difficult to write it.
Provided of course the new sounds have a lincese allowing them to use here.

Sorry to bump in here, I'm also very interested in new engine sounds, especially if somebody can record them (has the sound recording equipment, knowledge and access to such cars).
Yeah fmod is great, but not an option.

@slickx if you have something cool in fmod. Post the parameters and the sounds you have used, and we can try to get the same sound in vdrift.
What i did is find some dyno runs on youtube that were good enough and converted the video to mp3 than wav and choped them and tried to loop them. i do not know if that is bad or not since the videos did not have "all rights reserved".
found this and i dont know ether if the sounds are usable for free or not

So let me know if this is cheating or not.
The sounds needed are as follow
Ill think of what do we need to make the cars sound great in terms of sounds and how to arrange them to work.Thanx for feedback
Well generally if you don't see an info text showing "License: CC-BY" or similar near the download button this simply means you can't use it.
I know, there are some very cool videos on youtube with pure engine sounds. I was also wondering myself if that can be edited so it would fit in game. I think it should be somehow possible to contact the video author and ask him if here is okay to use his sound in game. If it's not some company (which won't even reply), but just a guy recording his car, it could be possible IMO.

From my side I just use sounds from freesound (good website, lots of sounds, and you see the license),
but there aren't many (if any at all) usefull sounds for car engine loop
Keywords I usually use for search: car engine, dyno, revving, subaru
Usually either hotrods from show, or just simple and old street cars not even high rpms, or pass by with doppler and other wrong effects for loop sound or air noise at dyno.

How about those:
Do you think those could be edited to sound loops for game ? I think those are the best I've found.

This is what i found and cloud be helpful

x-motor racing demo has such nice Sound editor and Vehicle editor please check the instalation folder of the game for those programs and let me know if you like them.
Not directly related, just something I read recently: Dodgy
Quote:The loudest component of the noise of passenger cars traveling over 40 km/h is car tyre noise, and nobody knows why. (Knowing why could be lucrative with 100 million car tyres being sold annually.) Air pumping noise generation mechanisms are an active area of research, and might include noise generated by partial singularities present due to the opening and closing of cavities as the tyre flexes.

Car engine sound synthesis is possible, but most certainly not trivial, one would need some sample code, or at least algorithm documentation I think.

One example I've seen was a single cylinder combustion signal with a simple engine, chassis mechanical frequency response, plus a bandpass for the muffler. Complicated crap. Too bad there is no open source code out there in this area, at least I haven't found any doing a quick online search.