Full Version: Making gl2 renderer two times faster...
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While collecting performance data with the new shaders(disney brdf) I've identified an interesting bug in graphics config parser. It will load the last draw layer of a draw pass twice, means they will be rendered two times. The fix is very simple and gives about 50-80% more fps (on my dev machine, gl2 nofbos config).

There is another anomaly I'd like to check, but I think this one might be worth a new build.

PS: The speedup for gl2 deferred will be most probably lower, as the heavy shaders are the post-processing (deferred) ones, which are not affected by this bug.
Hello , this is an old post but I hope you remember about it.
I am using an old version of Vdrift for several years in a neurosciece project.
Due to several issues I can not move on from 2007 version. Do you think this bug fix would increase performance for the 2007 code as well? If so could you please provide a few more details.
Thank you for your time.
Some time around 2011 vdrift moved to data driven graphics system, using text files to define rendering passes etc.

The bug was in the draw pass group/layer parser. You should not be affected by it (I think).