Full Version: Libpng 1.6.2 issues
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For those who have updated to libpng 1.6.2 may have noticed warnings in VDrift logs.
New libpng does more checking on iccp and some old profiles are now invalid. This is anoying as some images just don't appear in the game. My recomendation is fixing this files as soon as posible as many linux distros can update libpng and that will partially break the game. Here is a list of the affected files:

I will think a bit about how this can be automated.

As it seems, running convert over a file is enought to fix the issue so running "convert file.png file.png" will make it usable again. As filtering files that may have profile corruption need some thinking I've ran convert over every png I found:

find data/ -name "*.png" | while read f; do convert "$f" "$f"; done

That worked for a lot of them.
Yeah, I've been thinking about logging texture names when loading them. This should help identifying the offending pngs.