Full Version: Unity 3D Car tutorial
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I don't know if this is useful or not but the car tutorial on Unity 3D has plenty of interesting bits in it.

A lot of code used in Advanced Physics scene with Lamborghini seems to have similarity with Vdrift (or is there a further common root?) There are almost no comments.

I am only interested in tyre model, so looked only at Wheel and total forces calcs.

Looks like somebody got slightly confused there. E.g. they use a[0]..a[14] array with lateral slip coefficients but fail to notice that presence of a111 and a112 causes a12 and a13 to be repositioned into a[13] and a[14]. So code ends up declaring a[0]..a[14] but uses only a[0]..a[13] in calculations.

Hmmm... Smile

NewLife is cool, he has written a package based on Unity 3D original car tutorial.

It is that tutorial ( ) that I was talking about, not NewLife's work.

Good turorial !