Full Version: Replays with opponent cars
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I've been playing around with your game for some time and I have to say I find it really impressive for an open source project Smile

I want to use the game to generate some test sequences for my research. However I need to be able to record replays not only of the one car, but also with the opponents cars.

I changed the code a little bit in order to incorporate this feature - I just added the information about the opponent car to be saved into the replay file and retrieved it later before playing so that the cars can be added into the game. I also had to add the number of laps, because it seems that the game checks it's mode (Practice or Race) according to the number of laps and adjusts the delay before the start accordingly. Now it seems to work well.

If you are interested I can send you a pull request in order to incorporate this feature in the game.
Hi haltakov,

go ahead and create a pull request on github. I'll have a look.