Full Version: Blender Track Info(track.txt) import/export
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This is related to the gui branch as we will need 24 positions. Start positions are represented as boxes which can be copied, moved, rotated to edit/add positions. Other settings are set as properties of an empty track_info object.

Functionality is experimental atm. Download:

I think we need a more clear start position definition. Currently car center of mass is used which is not optimal due to different car dimensions. I'd like to define it as furthest front point of the car on track surface.

Current start positions will have to be adjusted. I'll push the required code changes, update the blender add-on later today and post a how to.

[Image: trackj.jpg]
New (backward compatible) start position definition. Start position is the center of 1.8 x 4 x 1 meter big box. The car position will be adjusted to fit into this box relative to the lower front box edge.

Adding start positions:
- Open Blender
- Delete lamp to get rid of lighting in textured mode
- Import track.txt
- Select start position 0, View/View Selected
- Import track objects.jpk
- Duplicate 4 existing start boxes(SHIFT+D) and place them on the track viewed from top (I've switched to View/View Ortho here).
- Enable Snap during transform, Snap element face, Align rotation with snapping target
- Adjust boxes vertical positions(they will snap automatically to track surface)
- Rename duplicate boxes to fit naming scheme
- Export track.txt

[Image: startsh.jpg]