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We have a new release 1.5.

The most prominent features are networked multiplayer,
and championships/tutorials mode for single player.

(I've made a new topic, "rendering by Ogre" is quite old now Smile )

There is a video of us playing multiplayer:

and a wiki page about it:

Since this is first post I'll also put
our Home page link (has other links):

Downloads (Linux and Windows):

and Changelog:
I've seen your issue about multiplayer
It is probably difficult, but quite possible to move it to VDrift too.
Feel free to join us on irc if you have questions (info on homepage).
Originally aave wrote it, and his code is nicer to read than mine Smile, so he is also the best guy to answer, but I have also medium knowledge of multiplayer code.
And there is also a short doc about implementation in source/network/DesignDoc.txt in our code.
The whole code for network is about in source/network/*.* files. In source/ogre/Gui_Network.cpp are events from Gui. Also at end of source/vdrift/car.cpp are car pos. updates from network.
Looks fun, I like in the video how people take the jumps too fast and go rolling. Smile

It seems like you project is starting to look more rally oriented, is that the direction you guys are going in?
I think it is still half rally, half stunt tracks. It's just that we did play those rally tracks first and made a video. If we play stunt tracks in multiplayer we'll have material for new video probably. And I also didn't do any new stunt track recently.
I guess the shorter tracks are more fun in multiplayer. On the longer ones, the winner is known after 1 or 2 minutes and the rest is just driving the track to end.
We have finally a new release version 1.7.

There are now 8 VDrift tracks in it (the ones that have best Fps, low geometry count). Asphalt tires are separate now from gravel (actually whole .car is a bit different).
I'm still in the old VDrift code, tried to update lately but it's just a really big thing to do, like doing it from start. I like your progress in simulation and gui changes.

We have a new video (shows game features):

New editor tutorial with 10 videos (editor got a lot better recently):

And we have now dynamic objects on tracks (barrels,boxes,big tires etc).
I made graphs that show car parameters in time, and also tire Pacejka coefficients editing in game is possible (check on last pics in gallery):

Anyway I'm back to being rather alone in developing it, so if there are any programmers that would like to join, use IRC #stuntrally on freenode, also for seeking multiplayer players, comments etc.
Congratulations to the new release CrystalH, looks great! The feature list is rather impressive too (envy that you've got dynamic objects and multiplayer).

Make sure to notify the freegamer guys about the new release. Maybe you can also open a forum(maybe even at ?) to attract some players/contributors.
I'm intending to do a Free Gamer article on Stunt Rally; probably will get done on Saturday.
We just released new version 1.9.
Made big changes in simulation, I did change most of the parameters. Also making few new graphs to check and car stats in Gui.
There are now 2 modes, Easy and Normal. I think you won't like easy, it's just too easy Smile, you can change it on Game tab.

We also have the Forum here:
Feel free to post comments on simulation or game on our forum.

Screenshots for this version (over 100 this time, since all tracks were renewed):

Seems to be extremely quiet here on VDrift forums.
Congratulations! Looks great.

PS: Have been following your activities on the freegamedev forum. Wink
New version 2.0 is up.
We have a new video:

This is the probably the most stable version ever made.
Lot of bugfixes and few optimisations.
Has also 4 new cars.


More info in changelog:

I also made two new Wiki pages, about car modeling and editing. Editing is still work in progress though.
We have a new version 2.2.
A lot of changes. But the main would be:
New Hud layout, Challenges game mode, time difference and points shown on each checkpoint.

Downloads here:
New screenshots gallery:
I love how the car handles and really great job!Keep going!
I would suggest that you size down many textures that dont need to be that high resolution(for example houses and small props ).Also try to make Texture Sheets for the small props-just an ideea Smile Cheers!
Congratulations to the new release and being nominated for the Linux Game Awards CrystalH!
Thanks Smile

We released 2.2.1, because the 2.2 version has a bug and crashes on some tracks with pipes.
So, we have new release 2.4.
Main new feature are hovering spaceships, have their own code for simulation, and are quite fast. They come with few challenges specifically for them.
Link to our release post: here.

PS. Hmm, weird thing, forum shows pages 1 and 2, but nothing is on 2 yet. Also url tags for links are like to be guessed to use (button puts undefined).
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