Full Version: No wings on F1-02
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With last version, F1 doesn't load rear and front wings. That's undrivable !!
Are you using the latest data?
Yes. last dev version with last data version.

I get no problem with skidmark branch/data-dev
Delete .vdrift(on linux) and My Documents\My Games\VDrift (on windows).

Run "vdrift -debug" there should be a column with 3 aero devices.

If this doesn't help, then I am out of ideas. I did a clean checkout of source and data today(took about 3h). It compiles and runs without any issues.
It works good when deleting .vdrift dir.

I looked at my vdrift.conf and couldn't find anything suspicious.
You must have used updates to get new f1 version at some time. Updates are stored in user directory(preferred over data), thus the issue.