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hi all. I accidently installed all custom parts on porshe and mustang,and now im not able to take them off.each time I press Enter to accept,the game shuts down.
Depending on which operating system you are using the files will be in a different place. In linux you'll want to look at the folder /home/user/.vdrift/carsettings/ (or c:documents and settingsusername.vdrift I think on Windows). in this directory is a file for each car. simply open the GT file in your favorite text editor, and clear out everything in the file.Hopefully the parts bugs will be fixed for next version.
im on macintosh. I went in data/settings/carsettings and theres no text in each cars !by the way - theres four files - CS,XSR,XR,GT - FOUR CARS??
Yes, the game has four cars, so each one has its own file in carsettings. However, I think you're looking in the wrong place - data/settings is where the default settings are stored. I believe on OS X the folder data/ is used the same as .vdrift on Linux/Windows so I think you want to look in data/carsettings, instead of data/settings/carsettings. Hope that helps.
nope - thats not it!maybe in carparts??my folders are weired :x
Are you sure you only have 3? The fourth car is the "XSR" but the only visible difference between it and the "XS" are the two white stripes.
Sad now i've got an other prob : i canot pass first gear and throttle ; the engine will stop.
For now, the custom parts the menu I created sucks. It's very basic and pretty ugly. It was pretty much a quick hack I threw together to make sure the parts system worked. I thought it worked...but I guess not completely. I think it might get loaded twice. For now, just don't use it. In the next version there will be a new menu system and a more complete parts menu.
when do you think next mac OS release will be?
That's hard to answer...from now on I hope we can synchronize releases for all platforms. Generally we don't really pick dates, we just keep working on it until things are stable and working, and we're satisfied with it for the time being (or sick of working on it). Lately it's been once a month but here we are a month after the last release and not really ready for another one.So to actually answer your question, I think it's going to be a minimum of two weeks before the next release, if not longer. We have a new track system, a track editor, and a new gui/menu system in the works which will improve a lot of things...which parts get done when, will determine release time.
Let's try to push out a quick release once the menu system is done (but before the new track system).
joevenzon Wrote:Let's try to push out a quick release once the menu system is done (but before the new track system).
It's still going to be a few weeks before I finish all the functionality that used to be in the old menu and get it bugfixed. However it's coming along smoothly...and soon my exams will be over.