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my project is a Kart. Short name will be "KF1".

I've made basic meshes for chassis, driver, tires, steer-wheel, I'll make better graphisms later. My goal for now : import this basic kart in Vdrift.

For now, nothing works. I use modified for KF1. I didn't change body position, tire positions, etc. I would like to see the kart imported in game before write good coordinates.

But for now I'm not able to drive the kart in game.

Here are my questions :

- Why kart don't appear in Vdrift menu ?
- Kart have specifics tires meshes and dimensions. How must I name it, where must I save it ? (is it cars/KF1/Fwheel.joe ?)
- Must I give a texture to the collision box ?
- does it exist a video tutorial for car import, as for tracks ?

- can you have a look and explain me what's wrong ? here is the link to download the kart :

Thanks for your help !

[Image: kartg.jpg]
Quote:Why kart don't appear in Vdrift menu ?
Under windows check C:\Users\<username>\My Documents\My Games\VDrift\VDrift.config It will tell that it failed to load body.png texture for steering wheel mesh.

Quote:Kart have specifics tires meshes and dimensions. How must I name it, where must I save it ? (is it cars/KF1/Fwheel.joe ?)
As it is now you have to provide wheel dimensions (we need to add support for custom wheels back)11 x 7.10 – 5 should be something like size = 180, 85, 5

The wheel mesh is actually the rim mesh which is scaled to fit tire dimensions, has to have radius=0.5

Quote:Must I give a texture to the collision box ?
collision.joe is unused. A default shape is calculated from cart bounding box. You can define your own shapes(box, capsule) but that is usually not required(advanced stuff).

Quote:does it exist a video tutorial for car import, as for tracks ?
Unfortunately not. Would be great to have one. Usually you start with an existing car as template.
Thanks, now the kart is imported !

But the chassis is not linked to the wheels : chassis stays on the ground.
How can I fix it ?

here is the link if you want to have a look :

[Image: kart2z.jpg]
It looks like the wheels are not touching the ground. Lower wheel position until the kart is resting on the wheels.
I've tried it. Looks nice. The mass has to be reduced(160kg with driver hehe). And a few other things adjusted.

Run "vdrift -debug" to see some parameters.

Btw did you create the kart? Would you be OK with adding it to VDrift? Maybe under a CC license
ok, kart is good positionned.

Here is link with modifications :

How I edit mass ? is it particles ? I try to changes values (engine, particle mass) but it don't give good results...

No problem for adding kart on Vdrift !
Very soon, I'll give better graphisms to the kart. Here, this is a kart from season 1991. I want to give it appearence of a kart from season 2012.

Just one condition : please help me with !
As I said, I know how make texturing and modeling but I'm not good with code...

Will you accept to edit and send it back to me? here are specs :

Kart mass : 158kg with driver, 75kg without driver and fuel.
engine : 125cm3, 40hp at 14.000rpm
Fuel Tank : 8 liters
only 1 gear
no suspension
4 brake discs.
Quote:No problem for adding kart on Vdrift !
Great, I'll take care of the config. Shall we call it KF1-91?

Btw it is a great testbed for the simulation code with its special parameters(low weight, low power, high rpm), has already helped to spot some issues in the engine logic.
Here is an initial version:

You will notice that the clutch only locks at about 15000rpm. This is an issue in the auto-clutch code.

We have not enough grip on the front. Need slicks and maybe some tuning.

I'll try to fix this.

I've set the idle rpm to 8000. The gear ratio is 7.5(top speed about 130kph). Do you know if this is correct?
Can you give more stability during braking ?
The kart make spin immediatly when I touch brakes...(I'm playing with keyboard)
If you can make the kart stable as Lotus Elise, it will be great.
Like this I will be able to test my kart tracks easier !

About KF1 performances, here is what I've found :

0 to 100 kph -> 4 sec.
100 to 0 kh -> 5 sec.
top speed : 137kph

And here is a point of detail I've found on FIA-CIK technical regulation :

"The engine clutch must be triggered at 3,000 rpm maximum
and make the kart with the Driver on board move
forward; it must be in direct drive (and 100% engaged) at
5,000 rpm maximum under all circumstances."

If you wish, you can read the complete technical rules on this link (but I think I've written the essential about all you need to know...) :
I only have dyno data from 8000-17000 for a 2 cycle 100ccm. Don't know how the torque looks for 3000-8000. Any ideas?
No, I don't know...

If you can approach real kart performances, that's nice.
But the most important for now : I'm looking for a kart as stable as Lotus Elise (especially on brakings). If kart can accelerate stronger at start, that's nice too.
I modelise kart tracks and I need to see if bankings, bumps and elevations are realistic...

Last request : is it possible to obtain this view for onboard cam ?
I positionned camera exactly on helmet visor, but I can't see front tires and steering wheel... It should be great to edit camera rotation and focal distance (24-28mm?)

[Image: onboard.jpg]
Quote:I'm looking for a kart as stable as Lotus Elise (especially on brakings).
Are you running with this setup ? For me it is heavily understeering, too stable. You can lower brake bias in the config to make them less agressive.

Quote:It should be great to edit camera rotation and focal distance (24-28mm?)
The code for camera rotation is there but disabled, can't remember why. Field of view can be changed in the options somewhere.
Yes, I copied your when I push on throttle, kart don't go seem like I try to start on 6th gear !
Increase torque values of the engine to get more power. As I already said I don't have any reference values for rpm < 8000. I simply extrapolated the existing ones.
I mean, I can't go faster than 5kph !

Note : on my computer kart don't run without this line code :
fuel-consumption = 1e-9

Anyway, the kart goes like it have a too high gear...I change values but nothing change, my max speed stays around 5kph...
it starts "normaly" when "start RPM" is on value 15000...
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