Full Version: Not works in Gentoo Linux AMD64 (Possible workaround)
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Vdrift doesnt' run in AMD64 (Gentoo Linux) because there isn't SDL 32-emu libraries libSDL-net-*. If developers make a vdrift linux version without sdl-net support, I could to try it.
I'll see what I can do to set up a NO_NETWORKING build option, so this can be turned used in the ebuild for AMD64 users.
Thank you. By the way, it seems a Gentoo Developers are building a new version of 32-emu libSDL libraries.
Have you tried compiling it natively for AMD64? I compile vdrift up on my Ubuntu AMD64 box and it usually works first time. The most recent release needs one file altered to get it to run without trapping (see bug number 2 in the bug system) but that's the first time I've had to tweak anything. As you are running Gentoo, you almost certainly have the necessary development headers.Cheers,Toby Haynes