Full Version: main menú redesigning.
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I think VDrift menú needs a redesign and a friend of mine started playing a very simple but addictive game called Minecraft. I saw its main menú and liked the idea of an blurred animation as a background.

What you see in the main menú is a map blurred in animation. This simple idea fixes the problem of the various resolutions and pixeling. It would also be nice to use garage track for selecting cars in the car menu and a free camera to see the tracks on selecting. What do you think of this?
If we had the track as menu background I'd make the car selection on the track directly. Unblur the track and cycle through the cars at start position. Start the race.

The track loader is already deferred. One only has to tell it to load the objects close to the camera first, and allow to abort loading if user switches the track. The loading would be visible. But I think it could look quite interesting with objects popping up around the camera.

I think there is some static optimization going on for track graphics which has eventually to be looked into.

I am somewhat busy with the collision stuff but would be happy to assist. Are you interested in doing this?
I'm sorry but I can't do it. I'm starting university exams next week and I'm doing code refactoring.