Full Version: Assertion `file' failed
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I downloaded and installed VDRIFT from the OpenSuse 11.3 repository. On running under X it closes when a race or practice are initializing. I run it from cmd line to see the output. I found this:

gerardo@Darwin:~$ vdrift
INFO: Multi-processor system detected. Run with -multithreaded argument to enable multithreading (EXPERIMENTAL).
INFO: Starting VDrift: 2011-11-16-full, Version: , O/S: Unix-like
INFO: Home directory: /home/gerardo
INFO: Settings file: /home/gerardo/.vdrift/VDrift.config (does not exist, will be created)
INFO: Data directory: data
DATA_DIR: /usr/share/vdrift/data
INFO: Log file: /home/gerardo/.vdrift/log.txt
INFO: SDL initialization successful
INFO: SDL video query was successful
INFO: Disabling antialiasing
INFO: Display change was successful: 800x600x16 24z fullscreen=0
INFO: Video card information:
Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
Renderer: GeForce 6150SE nForce 430/PCI/SSE2
Version: 2.1.2 NVIDIA 275.21
Maximum texture size: 4096
Maximum varying floats: 32
Using GLEW 1.7.0
INFO: Maximum color attachments: 8
INFO: Maximum draw buffers (1 required): 4
INFO: Texture units: 4 full, 16 partial
INFO: Loaded shader package simple
INFO: Loaded shader package simple, variant simple_premult
INFO: Loaded shader package simple, variant simple_gamma_premult
INFO: Loaded shader package simple, variant simple_gamma
INFO: Loaded shader package simple, variant simplecar
INFO: Loaded shader package logluminance
INFO: Loaded shader package logluminance, variant logluminance_tiny
INFO: Loaded shader package tonemap
INFO: Loaded shader package gbufferfill
INFO: Loaded shader package gbufferfill, variant gbufferfillcar
INFO: Loaded shader package lightaccumulate, variant lightaccumulate_initial
INFO: Loaded shader package lightaccumulate, variant lightaccumulate_omni
INFO: Loaded shader package depthgen
INFO: Loaded shader package depthgen, variant depthgennoalpha
INFO: Loaded shader package distancefield
INFO: Loaded shader package deferredskybox
INFO: Loaded shader package deferredskyboxblend
INFO: Loaded shader package softparticle
INFO: Loaded shader package ppdepthadjust
INFO: Loaded shader package ppdepthadjust, variant ppcopy
INFO: Loaded shader package ppdepthadjust, variant ppcopy_gamma
INFO: Loaded shader package deferredshadows
INFO: Loaded shader package ssao
INFO: Loaded shader package ssao_blur
INFO: Successfully enabled shaders
INFO: Initialized render output: full_scene_depth (FBO)
INFO: Initialized render output: full_scene_color (FBO)
INFO: Initialized render output: normal_xy (FBO)
INFO: Initialized render output: material_properties (FBO)
INFO: Initialized render output: diffuse_albedo (FBO)
INFO: Initialized render output: log_luminance (FBO)
INFO: Initialized render output: log_luminance_tiny (FBO)
INFO: Maximum anisotropy: 16
INFO: 0 joysticks found.
INFO: Loading car controls from: /home/gerardo/.vdrift/controls.config
INFO: Sound initialization information:
INFO: Obtained audio device:
Frequency: 44100
Format: 32784
Bits per sample: 16
Channels: 2
Silence: 0
Samples: 1024
Size: 4096
Sound initialization successful
INFO: Loaded fonts successfully
INFO: Loaded GUI successfully
INFO: Loading track from path: data/tracks/paulricard88
INFO: Can't find surfaces configfile: data/tracks/paulricard88/surfaces.txt
INFO: No Surfaces File. Continuing with standard surfaces
INFO: Track timing sectors: 2
INFO: Track object list has 16 params per object, expected 17, this is fine, continuing
INFO: Collision objects: 1
INFO: Car loading was successful: XS
vdrift: include/cartelemetry.h:63: void CARTELEMETRY::Update(CARTELEMETRY::T): Assertion `file' failed.
SIGABRT detected, releasing the mouse

/usr/bin/vdrift: línea 3: 3473 Aborted ./bin/vdrift "$@"

I put in bolface the lines that looked like errors. But I am not truly sure. I am not a programmer.

Any help will be appreciated. Regards,
What is this cartelemetry thingy doing there? It is unused afaik, need to check the code. Can you please inform the OpenSuse 11.3 vdrift maintainers as we are not providing binaries for linux.
That's an old bug from an old release. You can try upgrading to a newer release, or I believe the workaround for that bug was to run vdrift from a location where you have write permissions.