Full Version: replays bug
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When i charge a replay i see car flyng down:
[Image: Schermata_VDrift_2.jpg]

Last version compiled in mint debian
Thanks fabrixx2. I'll look into it. Issue:
fabrixx2 can you please upload your replay and post you specs. What was your average fps? Was it stable during recording run?
I have this issue also whn start a race mode in singapore circuit (practic mode is ok)

Some replay are ok but major numbers the car start to fly & rotate down and down....

Now i not have a video and other datas...maybe tomorrow
This is an example of singapore.

only sometimes i can start this circuit but not know where is the problem:
Thanks again fabrixx2. I can replicate it with a few tracks and cars, working on a fix.
I noticed that in singapore i have bug with audi tt model and g4 and other models

SV AX2 ES models start correctly

offtopic: how to set reverse gear??
Page Up -> Shift Up
Page Down -> Shift Down (Neutral, Reverse)

Btw you can change the keys in Options -> Controls