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To fix old cars configs:
1. Remove includes.
2. Replace texture = touring.png with texture = tire/touring.png, ..
3. Replace type = tire-touring with type = &tire/touring, ...

If you've got an external engine:
1. Set the car engine section engine = &my_engine //engine config file. See

There will be more car parameters related changes to add support for body fracturing.
NaN Wrote:body fracturing.
That means damage?Car deformation?
Also,I have a problem: ERROR: tire/touring.a0 not found.
Quote:That means damage?Car deformation?
Nothing fancy. More like, if you hit hard enough against an obstacle you might loose some parts.

Quote:ERROR: tire/touring.a0 not found
Compare your config with the one of the cars in latest vdrift-data.
Quote:ERROR: tire/touring.a0 not found
Fixed. Shared parts path was set incorrectly. Should have tested it with other cars. Thanks for reporting the bug.
Fracture wip(wheel bodies are added on fracture). Will add the wings too just need to separate the meshes. Current properties are break threshold and strength(health) of the connection.

The framerate sucks, need another screencast tool for the realtime stuff.
that is awesome!!
Fracture is in trunk. Warning! It is very incomplete. But you can drive against obstacles with the F1-02.
on compile i got this

src/cardynamics.cpp:7:32: fatal error: loadcollisionshape.h: No such file or directory

maybe you didn't add a header to the svn?
Ouch, fixed.
Fracture is awesome! But with dynamic objects turned on rouen has no collideable objects. Also when dynamics are turned off, the truck is visible, but not collideable - I think it should either be visible and collideable or not visible or collideable.
Finally here is a xcode project file that will work with r3121:
Looks like I broke the loader. Remove/rename objects.txt in the rouen objects directory as a workaround.
r1325 gives lots of crashes ): will do some more thorough testing in a minute.
Update: Rouen with dynamic objects off crashes on collision (sometimes delayed)
Rouen with dynamic objects on crashes on load.
Road Atlanta crashes on load.
Ring 2007 crashes on collision.
Ruudskogen, Sepang and Paul Richard are fine.
Something to do with R ?!?!?

Update: Maybe not, Paul Richard and Zandvoort crash on collision if you collide quick enough. If you wait a while you can collide crash.

Also just noticed that when the brake is pressed on FE the car turns white.
Quote:r1325 gives lots of crashes
Stupid copy paste bug. I did a quick test on rouen last night and it worked. Actually it should have been crashing all over the place.

Thanks for the bug reports, I'll try to be more thorough with testing.
Two minor bugs - there is no option for damage in Single Race, and separately, the countdown at the start of a race (plus end text) is drawn on top of the menu:
The first one is easy to fix, just copy/paste the damage toggle in the skin files, the second less so.

I will add damage to the race mode as soon as the damage implementation is finished and tested. I think I've pushed the damage code a bit too early anyway given the stable trunk policy.
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