Full Version: Change speedometer ??
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Hi ...

Can someone tell me, how to change the digital speedometer ???

thanks .. Smile
The whole HUD is hardcoded, should be rewritten to be configurable. What exactly do you want to change?
I want to change the speedo meter type,I mean now i have a digital speedo meter and i wand to change it to a circulr one Smile (i only want to change the display!) Smile
one of the car file additions we should work on is a spec for defining speedometers.

if we have a textured quad with alpha for transparent areas. we could draw the same speedometer texture in the car's dashboard and on the hud.

maybe something like:

position = x,y,z
rotation = x,y,z
size = x,y
texture = speedometer.png

offset = x,y
mesh = needle.joe
texture = needle.png
(parameter = speed, degrees)
parameter = 0, 200
parameter = 10, 210
parameter = 110, 0
max_rotation = -20
with linear interpolation between parameters. my car has a large gap between the really low speeds (i guess so it's easier to go 10 mph).

position = x,y,z
rotation = x,y,z
size = x,y
texture = (shared)gauges/lcd_background.png
font = lcd

i don't really know. it seems like it'd be easy to model a frame for an lcd display and then assign parameters to make the quad for it. but the analog speedometer quad might be trickier to get into the dashboard, if the dashboard geometry relies on lots of circles.

artists could separate the back face of the gauge from the rest of it so the gauge back would have a .joe of its own. could be sorta tricky too.
Thanks for the reply... Smile