Full Version: All meshes and textures in car folder
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Can somebody can make this?To put the brakes, wheels and tires(mesh and textures) in the car folder.
don't like the procedural generated meshes?? in most cases they're higher resolution than the one's they were replacing. and they're much easier to make textures for.

you can still make a custom wheel style mesh. you just have to scale it so it fits inside a 1m circle and make sure the texture has a similarly colored strip of pixels across the bottom (25% of the height i think). then the engine will make the tire and rim to go with your wheel.
zimluura Wrote:don't like the procedural generated meshes??
No,and it will not look very well on a buggy: [Image: ZGYNx.png].I also have(converted) the suspension components,how to make it to work?This is a model converted from Dirt.
You should be able to use your own meshes. I'll look into it. Our wheel setup seems to be too complicated.

BTW the tire/wheel meshes, textures and config files in carparts directory are meant as a fallback/shared data. The game looks for them in the car directory first.
how do they list tire sizes on a buggy?

at the moment tire meshgen should handle any standard size. but the function shouldn't be too hard to adapt to make practically any tire.