Full Version: how can i configure??
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how can i configure source code to visual studio 2008?
(must i configure SDL,glew,boost..etc separately?????)
I have to do it by yourself. MSVC is not supported.

Here are the steps I went through to compile it under MSVC2010:
Quote:1. boost-1.44
- Download boost_1_44_0.7z
- Extract boost into vdrift\tools\win\msvc\include
- For VC100 download from
- Extract into into vdrift\tools\win\msvc\lib

2. asio-1.4.5
- Download from
- Copy include into vdrift\tools\win\msvc

3. glew-1.5.6
- Download from
- Copy lib, include into vdrift\tools\win\msvc

4. SDL-devel-1.2.14
- Download from
- Copy lib into vdrift\tools\win\msvc, and headers into vdrift\tools\win\msvc\include\SDL

5. SDL_image-1.2.10
- Download from
- Copy lib into vdrift\tools\win\msvc and header into vdrift\tools\win\msvc\include\SDL

6. SDL_gfx-2.0.22
- Download SDL_gfx-2.0.22.tar.gz from
- Set SDL include\lib paths in project properties
- Build Release|Win32
- Copy SDL_gfx.lib, SDL_gfx.dll into vdrift\tools\win\msvc\lib and headers into vdrift\tools\win\msvc\include\SDL

7. libogg-1.2.0
- Download from
- VC100: Remove mobile targets from vcproj before conversion.
- Build Release|Win32
- Copy libogg.dll, libogg.lib into vdrift\tools\win\msvc\lib and include into vdrift\tools\win\msvc

8. libvorbis-1.3.1
- Download from
- VC100: Remove mobile targets from vcproj before conversion.
- In libogg.vsprops set LIBOGG_VERSION to "1.2.0"
- Build Release|Win32
- Copy libogg.dll, libvorbis.lib, libvobis.dll into vdrift\tools\win\msvc\lib and include into vdrift\tools\win\msvc

9. libcurl-7.21.4
- Download from
- Build DLL Release|Win32
- Copy libcurl.dll and libcurl_imp.lib into vdrift\tools\win\msvc\lib and include\curl into vdrift\tools\win\msvc\include

10. Create a project in vdrift\tools\win\msvc

11. Compile\AdditionalIncludeDirectories

12. Link\AdditionalDependencies

13. Look for variable length arrays, replace them by new/delete

14. Look for <tr1/...> includes, add #ifdef _MSC_VER guards to include <...> instead

15. Define __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ where needed
#if _MSC_VER

Please feel free to share your setup steps if you make it compile in visual studio 2008.
thanks!! that was helpful!!!!!!! Smile