Full Version: 25 January 2011 build (3030) is out.
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This is a nightly build representing the latest state of VDrift development. It can contain bugs and/or regressions.


The build comes without an installer. Unzip and run vdrift.exe to play.

The build includes two cars(XS, F1-02) and two tracks(paulricard88, weekend).
Get more cars from here:
Get more tracks from here:
Which cars/tracks did you include? I'm going to try and do mac version.
Cool, I've updated the post.
I had a play. It's playing quite nicely, better than I remember previous versions of VDrift playing. I got thrashed by the AI but I'd put that down to my poor driving skills.

The specularity (I think) seems broken though. I should take a screenshot but initially I thought the car model had errors, a big gap in the boot. Then as I turned a corner the black line turned to white. I should have taken a screenshot.

I'm running it on Windows 7 64bit, AMD M880G (Mobile Radeon 4250 HD).
Sorry its taken so long, but here is it is:
I'm afraid its intel only at the moment. If anyone requires ppc, please post here and I'll try to get it working.

EDIT: Now you can get it from
Timo, special thanks! Works fine.
Good, your welcome.
I finally got around to news-ing this.
Since you've put the links on the front page, what about uploading the files to sourceforge, rather than sending people to various different places depending on platform?
I can give release tech permissions to the sourceforge project so you both can upload to sourceforge next time -- NaN and timo6, what are your sourceforge usernames?
OK, you should both be able to upload files to the sourceforge system now.
Thanks, link updated!
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