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Hi Chris, I have you sent an e-mail with allegated file. This time I have reduced the number of faces of BMW M3 GTR from 11263 to 4780 (vertex by vertex by hand!) and I have done a simple UV mapping with original texture. It's not so good with original model but ehi, it's my first UV mapping.The model it's ready for use but there are some problems:- I can't setting correct center of gravity of the wheels- I haven't done a brake.png- I haven't done a .car fileGianni
Hi Chris,only for information, do you have recevied the car?Gianni
I got your email. sorry I didn't check it yesterday. Now when I try to download the file I get[QUOTE BY=Jumbo File] >> ATTENZIONE Non è stato possibile effettuare il download del Jumbo File, in quanto la disponibilità del Jumbo File è scaduta.Ti preghiamo di contattare il mittente per richiedere un nuovo invio.[/quote]which I don't understand SadCould you send it again?
I have sent the car with Jumbo Mail (a service for my internet service provider), but after 1 day the files allegated are deleted (my error setting...). Now I have resent the car into your yahoo e-mail address.Tell me if you get the car.Gianni
I got it this time, thanks! It will probably take me a while to get the car into the game but I'll definitely post here when I make progress.
I lied! The car is in SVN now, and it is drivable but not very stable.
OK, playing around with this car a little I see it does a very odd thing. When the car is reset, it falls to the ground but stops just short. Then it sinks slowly down to the ground as if it were in some kind of quicksand. Until the tires are fully on the ground they don't make contact with the road. As the wheels "sink" to the ground the speedometer moves from 0 MPH to about 103 MPH (though the car is still not moving). Any speed gained is added to 103 MPH. When I drive around in it, the car's speed jumps up about 40 MPH suddenly if I run over a bump strip, then goes back down again. Here's a screenshot of me going down the hill on Road Altanta in 6th gear, this should be much slower than 175 though...Otherwise, the car is fine except for an over-tendency for the rear to slide out while turning and accelerating. I'm thinking the reason this car is different from the others and "sinks" down to the road because the model sits on top of it's "center pont" instead of that point being in the middle of the model. This also causes the car to look higher up than the other cars in the Select Car menu.This car is a true weighs less than the XS but is more powerful than the GT. Once tuned right it should be a nice drift car.Personally, I still want to see something like a 6-cylinder M3 in the game. The V8 is quite powerful, maybe too much so. A 6 would provide better competition with the other cars (and be more like a normal M3). If we could get something like the GTR but without the wing and ground effects, we could call that the XMR and have a regular XM.
check your suspension settings... it's probably causing the weirdness you're experiencingespecially suspension travel (increase this), spring rate, and anti-roll
I increased suspension travel. The other two values were copied straight from the M3 GTR car.ini for Racer. They do look a little weird...anyway I reduced them signficantly to be more like those on the GT since I know that works, but the problem seems just to get worse. Now the speedo starts at around 118 MPH. Also the car is unable to drive over bump strips from the grass to the road - it gets stuck behind them. Very strange...
double check your suspension position, hinge position, wheel position
I have, but I did it again for good measure and they seem correct. I tried moving the hinges closer to the wheels and farther away from them with no positive results. As I mentioned before the model was up higher than most others in the game so I moved it down on its center by 0.6 and then adjusted all the values in the by the same amount. This does fix the problem of it looking higher up in the select car menu, but doesn't fix any of the others. All this has been checked in anyway...edit: I have also tried reducing the bounce and rebound rates, and making the suspension travel even longer, still no better - in fact now the speedo climbs until 155 MPH at rest. Another thing I noticed: when parked on the grass the car bounces around when not moving. I also tried changing to different tires in case that was part of the problem. Still no better...
I've been playing around with this a bit as well.Switching the entire file for the file fixes any problems (as expected).Switching out all suspension and wheel settings in for those in doesn't seem to solve anything, although I can't guarantee that I got all relevant settings.So I'm not certain that the problem has to do with the suspension.I also tried changing the contact points for those of the GT (without any suspension changes), but that appeared to have no effect.I'll continue tooling around and see if I find anything.Edit: running into walls at high speeds produces interesting results as well.
Found the problem.The fuel tank position screws things up. I switched the fuel tank position in with that in, and everything works fine afterwards (from what I can tell).Is the fuel tank scraping against the ground, perhaps?
Good catch, that fixed it! I guess I didn't think about that...I should've started from the GT instead of the XS anyway. Oh well, thanks! Now to get the back end to stay put (a little) around the turns...edit: a fix is now in SVN, the car is a good bit more drivable now.
This is a hell of a car. I managed to clock in a 1:41 on Atlanta with some mistakes, which is among of the best times I've gotten (my absolute best was a 1:36 with the XS, I believe, but that was a one-time thing so far). I got it up to 150 mph on the longest section. Smile
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