Full Version: ForceFeedback effect.direction=0xC000 [SOLVED]
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first let me thank the developers and contributors for their efforts; VDrift is a really nice game and quite a joy to drive.

I have a Guillemot FF Wheel, which uses iforce module. I had some trouble setting up the wheel with vdrift (svn 2996). It didn't seem to work at all, although it has been reported in the console that the force feedback has been initialized. So I looked at the code and by some experimenting I found that if I uncomment the line:


and remove the default:


the FF starts working. I looked at the kernel headers, which have the following to say about the ff_effect struct:

* Direction of the effect is encoded as follows:
*    0 deg -> 0x0000 (down)
*    90 deg -> 0x4000 (left)
*    180 deg -> 0x8000 (up)
*    270 deg -> 0xC000 (right)

I only guess there are some wheels that require this to be set to 0x0000 to work properly and some others need different values. Any comments on what was the idea behind this?

Interesting. Looking through the SVN logs, I found that this change was made in r2387:

Joe, any comments on that?

buzle, thanks for looking into this. It would be really helpful to others if you posted some information about how you got your Guillemot wheel working on Linux on our wiki. It would go here:

You could use the Logitech G25 page as an example to work from:

I haven't any experience with iforce, so what does the effect direction mean? For steering wheels, this force is not really applied in a certain direction, but around an axis.
I probably put that there when I was playing with FF with my wheel. If I recall, it didn't have any effect at all for me.
If there is no harm, perhaps better set it to 0xC000, it doesn't work at all with 0 here. Other than that, it works out of the box on Ubuntu 10.10, only /dev/input write permission setting is needed.

I'll be glad to post the relevant info on the wiki. Just let me know when the patch is in, so I can refer to the corrent svn revision.
I did a page at, there is stil SVN rev missing...
Fixed, r3012. Smile Thanks!
Buzle, thanks for your help with the wiki and for discovering this problem. Closing this thread now.