Full Version: Mac OS X documentation
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I think some of the OS X documentation is outdated. For instance, is anyone still running OS X < 10.4? Does the OS X build still use OpenAL?

That page especially needs update, but other OS X pages need help too:

If the folks who use OS X could please look over those and edit or post on the discussion pages, that would be quite helpful. Smile
Reading the Release and wiki discussion: a complete and simple instruction about compiling the project on a Mac would encourage me.
fromt the wiki:
"open tools/osx/vdrift.xcodeproj and hit "Build" from XCode's "Build" menu."

this is all that is needed - of course *only* if the xcode project is currently up-to-date. it it isn't it can be fixed *most* of the time by

1.) removing files from xcode that are in the project but not in repository anymore
2.) adding new files that are not yet in the project but have been added to the repository.
(you can see added or removed files in the output of "svn update)

if these two steps dont fix it you cant fix it without actual xcode/developer experience.
abs1nth, thanks for your response, but what about the OpenAL stuff? Do you have time to help update the docs for Mac at all? We are going to release fairly soon and need to have our documentation up-to-date before that.
openal isnt in use by vdrift so that doesn't apply.

i can have a look - what docs are we talking about? the docs/ dir in SVN or the wiki pages?
Both! Any docs that are included in the release would be priority, but if wiki is done we could just adapt them for docs/.
For the upcoming release, I plan to dump everything in the docs/ directory except for a README.txt that says to go to Later, we should work on making a manual out of the wiki, and export that to plain text at release time. For now, we just need to get the wiki up-to-date, and users can go there for help.