Full Version: att progress
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been working on the att again for a bit.

trying out some new things. most notably separate door meshes. someday they may open/close/getBrutallyTornOff. and seeing how nice just the dynamic shadow does at defining the seem on the door (and perhaps body panels).
it's an entirely flat single color texture. and i must say i'm thoroughly impressed with the renderer.
I assume it's SSAO doing the shading there?
looks very nice!
ok, i'm taking a stab at it. ssao...hmm...soft shadow ambient occlusion?? i pretty much turned everything up to the max to get that. and the recent addition of antialiasing to the shader path makes it look really nice.
screen space Wink
was hoping to release this week. but trying to build a car to get ripped apart takes more time.

got it mostly done now. it's at least ready to be a damage prototype.

my commit access to the data repo is maybe not working (sourceforge just had that password reset, tried both old and new and it didn't seem to do anything)

downloadable here:

still gotta put the side-windows in, the oem wheels, and the exhaust pipes. and make the hatch a little more substantial.

but i'd like to get feedback on how the .car file is laid out. also on how the skin is mapped.

bug report (maybe??): it seems like when you use the scale -1,1,1 to get a flipped clone it doesn't flip the normals so the reflection gets a little bit off.
Yeah the resetting passwords on sourceforge was a bit funny. For me, it turned out I had used the same email address for 2 different users on - not sure how that was possible, one was from 2003 and the other 2006. So I was only resetting my 2003 (inactive) account.