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edit: The meeting has been scheduled for 2010/12/12 04:00:00 GMT. Announcement:

I'd like to try to schedule an IRC meeting where everyone can discuss some topics related to the project, its goals, and how to best realize them. To do this we will need to find out the best date/time for the most people. I think everyone who is actively contributing to the project in any way, as well as people who are interested more from the user perspective, should have a chance to participate in the discussion.

I'd like to keep the discussion in this thread to discuss scheduling the meeting only. To discuss meeting topics, please visit this thread:

So the best time of week to meet would probably be on a Saturday or Sunday. We need to choose a time that works for the most people possible, since we are in many different places around the globe. So please answer the following questions in your post:

What time zone are you in?

What time of day is best for you on a Saturday or Sunday?

What weekends are you free this month?

After a few days (at the latest, Friday 12/10), when this thread has some replies, I will post a news item on the site with the ideal date and time of the meeting. It would be best to give people some time to schedule the meeting, maybe a week - that means the first available dates would be 12/18-12/19. I know that is close to the holidays and might not work since some people will be traveling...people may be back at home by Sunday 12/26 so that might be a good alternate date. If nothing else, we can try early January, maybe 1/2.

I think the meeting should be 1-2 hours long. Post if you feel differently.

You can find details on VDrift IRC from the "Chat" link at the top of the page.
timezone: united states est, utc -5 hours

best times: saturdays after 9:30pm est. sundays, after 12:00 noon est free most of the day.

weekends free: 11th saturday is the only thing i'm sure is out so far. tomorrow (5th) isn't good either.
timezone: US PST, UTC -8
best times: 10AM to 8PM
weekends free: don't have any plans yet, I'll be home for the holidays
timezone: US EST, UTC -5
best times: just about any time is fine, including early mornings and late nights
weekends free: busy 12/11, 12/25, otherwise open
timezone: CET, UTC +1
saturdays: ok, night from sat to sun would be ok too
sundays: morning, evening preferable
timezone: AU EDT, UTC+11
preferred times: any time I have some notice
busy weekend of 18/19 Dec, otherwise free (although there may be some objections if I'm on the internets all day Christmas, I suspect those will be more or less common to everyone).
timezone: US PST, UTC -8
best times: 5pm to 5am
weekends free: yes, to my current knowledge

i'm not very essential, so don't worry about me. i'll just try to pop in if i can.
Well I feel like it's too short notice, but it almost looks like 12/12 would be the best date. Should I go ahead and choose a time and announce it or should I wait for more replies and/or schedule it further out?
12/12 sounds good. Just go ahead and pick a time.
OK there are a few possible solutions to this problem, post which one works best for you.

Option 1:

The problem with this one is that fudje ends up going to an IRC meeting while he gets ready for work Monday morning.

2010/12/12 19:00:00 GMT
2010/12/12 11:00:00 PST
2010/12/12 14:00:00 EST
2010/12/12 20:00:00 CET
2010/12/13 06:00:00 EDT

Option 2:

This one is slightly better...maybe. I will be back home before 11 PM Saturday so I could make this work. But this is basically starting when Joe would like to be done (8 PM his time). I would bump it an hour earlier but don't think I will be home by 10 PM. zimluura said he would have problems with 12/11 too but, like me, he might be done by that late. NaN might have trouble with 5 in the morning, but since he said nights Sat-Sun were OK, the question is how late. Smile

2010/12/12 04:00:00 GMT
2010/12/11 20:00:00 PST
2010/12/11 23:00:00 EST
2010/12/12 05:00:00 CET
2010/12/12 15:00:00 EDT

Option 3:

Do both of the above for 1 hour only and some people might attend both, while some will only be able to attend one. To make this work, there should be at least 3 people at each meeting. Since I can definitely make both meetings (and this was my idea) then I will take notes on the discussion in the first meeting and post it on the forums so that the second meeting will add to that discussion.
I am OK with both meetings (< 5am works too).
i should be home early enough. i'm taking my mom to this xmas party and she likes to get home really early 9ish. then it's only 15 minutes or so drive to my place. letme go crank up and configure an irc client.
I can do either time. Going later than 8 PM is fine as long as we wrap up before 10 or so.
OK, it looks like option 2 will work best. I will go ahead and post an announcement on the site.

edit: here it is.
I would have been fine with early Monday, as it happens :neutral:. You've made then announcement now, anyway.... You might want to drop the server and channel in there, too; It's a little hard to find.
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