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It the future it will be a diferent folder diferent from skins,where it will be the language files?When you(developers) it will make a new folder only for language files,I can make a translation in Romanian.
I can make a translation in French Smile.
So we have at least 3 new language(Romanian,French+Spanish from another topic).
+1, Russian
I've added a languages directory to skins/simple. The file "german" contains all gui strings, some of them translated. Use it as a template. Leave out the strings you don't want to translate.
ABS Toggle = ABS Schalter
Add = Hinzufügen
Add an opponent to race against (max 3). = Füge einen Gegner hinzu (Max: 3).
Advanced = Erweitert
Advanced Display Options = Erweiterte Darstellungsoptionen
We need to choose an encoding Windows-125. or ISO-8859, I would like to avoid having to mess with UTF. Another problem is to create font textures and info(see skins/simple/fonts) according to the encoding. I hope there is a script or something.
I've created fonts for Latin, Eastern, Cyrillic encodings CP-1250/51/52.
OK, thanks :wink: . I started to translate the game in French.
In a few days will come the Romanian translation.
Great. Have the code almost ready. Just need to figure out what is wrong with the metrics. Does anyone have an idea what tool has been used to create the bitmap fonts? The one I am using seems to create non compatible offsets.

[Image: blamn.jpg]
I was unable to load the font file - it was capitalized but the code wanted it uncapitalized. fixed for Future Sans in data r755. You will probably want to check the rest.

Also, I am guessing you are developing on Windows... :?
The error was in the English.lng file, forgot to update the font/texture name after renaming them. But yeah it doesn't matter actually.
OK cool. It matters on *nix! Smile
Russian language:

[Image: font.png]
Okay guys, there will be a minor delay as I've sighted a number of hard coded strings in the code. Have to extract them first. I will upload an additional txt file containing the missing strings.
The VDrift-tracked/fontgen tool isn't used anymore, the fonts use a signed distance field rendering method. The fonts are generated with lonesock's SDFont tool. I checked in the tool to VDrift-tracked/SDFont; license is MIT. I think I processed these in the gimp to set the color component to all-white; to do this open the output in the gimp, turn on the alpha channel lock, and then fill with white.

Also, for the non-shader rendering path, the signed distance field fonts need to be converted to non-signed-distance fields, which is easy: just open the file in gimp, do "colors->curves" and make it look like a step function (well, slightly shallower than a step curve) centered in the middle of the graph; make sure you apply that to the alpha channel.
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