Full Version: Track Debugging Improvement
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Even though i haven't played very long i noticed that out of 3 maps i played, all 3 had the same problem... I was able todrive off the map without having to ram into any collision boxes. So pretty much to help track developers with debugging their own maps, i figure it would be good to add a few rendering options to either launch or the in game settings to help with finding these defects. The following methods probably will offer enough to catch most problems:

1) Render Collision boxes as a wire-frame or shaded box

2) The ever popular wire-frame rendering.

3) Reset car to point near the track line. (in case one does manage to fall off of the map)
The track collision uses the actual model geometry, so it'd be pretty easy to provide an option to only draw collideable geometry.

In general in the past we were stingy with which geometry was allowed to be collideable for performance reasons, but with NaN's latest physics changes the collision code is wayyyy faster (probably because bullet is doing a lot of the brunt work now) so we could stand to make much more of the track flagged collideable.

I can guarantee that the road surface on all of the tracks is collideable, though, so in the mean time just stay on that. Big Grin