Full Version: Release plan?
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thanks. about the crashlogs, sorry the file only contains broken "alias" files. you can paste the text from the crashlogs easily here:
Sorry bout that. Try
thanks. thats weird, occurs neither on a Geforce 8800 nor on ATI Radeon 2600. i'll be at a machine with a similar card next week and will see what i can do.
That's a known problem in the version of the code we used for that release, it was fixed by this change:
I just checked a fix for the crash into the release branch. Can you rebuild the mac version with that fix? I should probably rebuild the linux/windows versions too....
found out the same thing Wink

will build a fixed version soon...

why aren't the glGenerateMipmap() calls on fbobject / fbtexture a problem?
So I think the problem is that GLEW makes all OpenGL functions available but you'll get crashes if you call one that your card/driver doesn't support. Older cards that don't support OpenGL 2.X (which is where I think glGenerateMipmap got introduced) also don't support framebuffer objects, so you never get to it there, but we do still load cubemaps on older cards (though they don't actually get used in the non-shader path).
Timo, can you test if the new build fixes the crash?
Sorry I've taken so long to reply ); I downloaded it but it got corrupted (my fault, not yours) and as is it is 500+ MB and I have a crap connection I haven't had time to redownload it. I should be able to do it during half term (in 2 weeks time).
abs1nth: want me to upload it to sourceforge?
yes please do ;-)
So... yeah... approaching the end of 2010. Time for another release? I just saw that car skin support is back as of r2888. What other new features / improvements have been made since the 06/10 release?

Release early, release often - the mantra of a successful open source project!
Not car skin, UI skin. :-)
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