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Same cars and tracks from the last release PLUS the 350Z and the LE.
The windows release was easy, but I'm having trouble with the linux/src release. On my computer, when I compile and run the source package, and then load up say the 350Z on Virginia, drive a little, leave the game, and load up the 360 on Rouen, I get bad artifacts in the geometry (for example, spectators get stretched up toward the sky). Can someone else try compiling this from scratch and see if they see these problems also?
testing now.

and in misc1 it seems like vdrift is reading the red channel as both red and green.
when i make a misc1 and paint it green, the car is completely flat. no shading.
I recently changed the rendering setup including the material system. Now the lighting model takes an RGB specular color plus a specular shininess value. For the moment I've tied the R in the misc1 map to be both shininess and greyscale specular color. I want to change the misc1 to be RGB specular color and A shininess, but first I have to go through and batch convert the existing misc1 files.
Has anyone had a chance to test that linux release?

I think I'm just going to go ahead and update the download link on the main page to point to it. If people report a lot of problems I can make a fix.
Any MacOS-version ?
Someone with a Mac OS machine has to build it.
Thats allright...
i am uploading a build now

i uploaded the build to my homefolder at as always and that worked fine but it seems now one can't post files from there to the file releases anymore but instead has to upload them through the webinterface. i tried that, but of course the upload broke, i will never be able to upload a 500+ MB file through that f**** webinterface. what happened to the old file release system??

i´m testing....
abs1nth Wrote:what happened to the old file release system??

Yeah the web interface sucks and they don't make it obvious where to put files if you want to upload through SCP or SFTP, but they do still support SCP and SFTP, here's the info (looks like you probably already figured this out but here it is anyway):
hm thanks but this method doesn't accept my password for some reason ;(
Try it without the ,fooproject (,vdrift) part. I am able to scp using just joevenzon@... and my normal sourceforge password.
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