Full Version: Logitech G27 wheel
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Has anyone used a Logitech G27 steering wheel with VDrift yet? Linux?

I will be working with one of these very soon, just wanted to know if anyone has any experience. I'm guessing it's very similar to the G25.
I am going to buy a G27 soon, too.
Can anyone share something!!!
I've just ordered the g27, I"m wondering if i should get the gameracer elite or the playseat evo. Im mainly looking for stability. even though the playseat looks more stable, ive heard from your review that the gameracer is better. If im looking for build quality and stability, what should i go for. Please reply simracing. Thanks

the G27 work great (build quality and ff are great), but when using linux there might be problems with the force feedback. basically you can apply the same hacks as with the g25, but change the according id.

There will probably be problems, when disabling the the autocentering. Also the force may apply only in one direction. at least the newer kernels have some kind of support for ff now...

I am interested, whether you also have those problems!
This thread seems to be pretty old now. Are there any news / progress regarding G27 support under Linux?
oliviermichel Wrote:This thread seems to be pretty old now. Are there any news / progress regarding G27 support under Linux?

I am working on a dedicated tool to support all Logitech wheels properly under Linux. It started based on much information in this forum and further discussion over at

The tool is named "LTWheelConf" and hosted at github:

It is still in early development, but for G25/G27 works already fine. I would be interested in your feedback also :-)
Thanks for the update!
It seems that the newly released Linux kernel (2.6.39) includes our patch for the G27 wheel, so that we won't need to patch the kernel any more to benefit of full functionality under Linux, including FF. The kernel change log is here:


great news i'm going to buy the G27 wheel next week, so i'll need this update