Full Version: More than 3 opponents
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I was thinking what a nice change to Vdrift would be. I noticed it lacks a feature that other sims have, of adding more than 3 opponent cars at a time.

I think that would be fun... I always wanted to play with +8 opponents on a crowded map. Not sure if that would impact frame rate too much though. This would likely need a menu change too, but yeah I think it would be nice to allow a bigger limit Smile
You can test it.

Change the limit in game.cpp line 1254 to any number you want. Smile
if (opponents.size() == 3)
Ooh thanks! That was easy Smile I tried a race with 9 opponents. Frame rate was indeed low, but apart from that all seemed ok. Lots of cars flying around the track too Tongue Some screenshots, just for the fun: