Full Version: shadows broken
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It looks like I broke the shadows in trunk. The last working revision for me is 2659. Can anybody confirm this?
yes. using rv2672
I'll get them working when I check in my scenegraph rewrite.
Spent over two hours trying to figure it out, without success. Compared the 2659 with 2672 the shadow matrices are OK(the same actually). Still the car mesh is not in the shadow map. Maybe I borked something in the filter setup? But this would break other things too, right?
Disclaimer: I haven't looked at it at all. However, my guess is that my dynamic reflection check in broke shadows because I moved cars out of one of the filter groups (so the cars don't reflect themselves) and forgot to add the new filter group to the shadow draw calls. I'm rewriting a lot of graphics.cpp anyway and removing filters in the new scenegraph system so don't worry about it too much. :-)
Shadows work for me in 2683. Someone speak up if they still don't see them.