Full Version: Torque curves not supported in new car format
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I found a torque curve for the XS and using it made a similar one for VDrift. We don't have support for torque curves in the new car format, however support is in the simulation engine. I put it in the file like this. Under [ engine ] I added<pre>torque-friction = 0.00025torque-curve = 2000,110; 2200,107; 2500,109; ...</pre>and so on. There are lots of data points, about 21. It would be nice if we could have as many as we like up to a certain (comfortably high) limit - maybe 40 points.
Okay, I think this should work now. The format is:[ engine ]...torque-friction = 0.00025torque-curve-00 = 1000.0, 150.0torque-curve-01 = 1000.0, 200.0torque-curve-02 = 1000.0, 300torque-curve-03 = 1000.0, 250You get as many points as you want (past 99 you start with 100, 101, etc etc etc). Haven't tested this yet... but it's in SVN.
OK, these work pretty well now! Smile
One note:the torque curve must extend to cover the stall rpm and the peak rpmotherwise, the spline gets all crazy and weird stuff happens